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"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from god."

- Bokonon

What is Going on Here?

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Period: Feb 2019 - Sep 2018
Launching a New Season Four Countries, a Zebra, and a Cat Back Toward The Future    
Mostly Rhodes The Gales of November Home Again Last Year in Brno Fiji & Sydney
Prague 2023 Prague-matic Signage Bratislava Bratislava Kaleidoscope On The Road Again
Taormina Sign Spotting Palermo Streets Of Palermo Sow Weather in Nuernberg Springing Forward
More Syracuse Cefalu: Sicilian Beach Town Cefalu: The High Road Finishing Cefalu Sicily - High in Taormina
Rhodes - Stones, Cats, Light The Coldest Month in the Mildest Winter Higher Lows and other Oddness Off to See the Lizard Syracuse, Sicily
Rhodes - Winter Is Coming Listen to the Music Play The Days Between Fast Away the Old Year Passes Hail The New
A Transit of Italy Reaching Rhodes The Liminal Season Injun Summer November in Rhodes
Linz, Austria Frankfurt French Leave Destination Nice Nice to Genova
Odds & Ends in Slovensko Bratislava & Wien The Ole Short Time Song Flashback to Nerja, Spain Toledo, Spain
Alpine Austria Austria Continued Nürnberg 2022 Pegnitz & Prague Under the Radar in Bratislava
Barcelona Sants Return to Sevilla More Seville Suddenly - Italy Ravello Hi Jinks
A Short Break Cold and Clear in Paris Paris: Pathway in the Sky Costa Teguise, Lanzarote Towns Small and Large
Rhodes Goes Ever On A Mild Rhodian December The Long Rhodes February in Rhodes Short Timer Song
Lingering in Malta Malta In Hindsight Back to Rhodes Happy 2022! Winter Rhodes!
August in Malta Around Malta Maltese Odds & Ends Malta Day Walks Malta Impressions
Rhodes Penultimate Signspotting in Vienna and Valletta Malta: There Come A Time Malta Around Valletta Malta: Gozo Journalism
Zadar Redux Back on Rhodes Rhodes - Warming in the Wind Double Season Rhodes Antepenultimate
Low Key Granada Wrapping Up Granada Cordoba More Cordoba Zadar
Roaming Southern England Glastonbury Český Krumlov More Krumlov Granada, Spain
Five Random Countries Slovenia & Rouen Caen, Normandy Bayeux, Normandy England
Rovinj, Croatia Slovenia's Adriatic Gem Fall Colors & Limestone Wetlands Plitvice Lakes Waterfalls And Such
Split - Around Town The Opatija Riviera Lovran Inland Local Color Poland - Krakow
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik & Split Split 2008 Split 2013 - the Beach Split Return to the Beach
Czeching Out Bits of Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany A Fast Half Season Mostly Greece Forward to the Past
Around Central Europe Hooptedoodle Highlights on the Road Prague Post Facto Bouncing Across Europe Again
Happy New Year A Photo Expo Pix From The Past Coming Full Circle  
Flashback to Spain More Spain, Some Portugal Portugal Rhodes 2019  
We're Ba-a-ack! Franzensbad Prague Prague - Scattershots A Quick Recap

Period: Feb 2019 - Sep 2018
Rhodes, Greece Coloring Book Here Came The Sun    
  Between The Years Ciao 2018! Island Hopping More Symi
  Come and Gone Through Other Eyes Sunny Pix for a Rainy Day Koskinou Village
  Back to the Island Indian Summer Porches of Fall NO Day

Period: Aug 2018- Apr 2018
Italy, Czechia, Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia      
  Scattershots Maratea, Italy Amalfi Coast, Italy Sardinia, Italy
Spain Waiting for the Sun Rain in Spain Costa de la Luz  

Period: Feb 2018- Dec 2017
Rhodes, Greece Rambling in February Time Dilation    
  Return to Rhodes A New Year Tail Cats Under the Bar Happy 2018!

Period: Aug - Apr 2017
En Route Homeward Bound Prague: A New Neighborhood      
Germany Frankfurt am Main Nürnberg Plauen, Saxony Sign Spotting
Spain Madrid El Puerto de Santa Maria      
Slovakia Bratislava Again Slovakia Post-facto Hot Times in the Old City  
UK Old York, Old York North York, North York Whitby by the Sea My Not Quite Native Tongue
Czechia Prague 2017 Still Prague Prague - the Small Side  

Period: Feb 2017 - Sep 2016
Rhodes, Greece Flashbacks - Holy Toledo et al Years End in Rhodes Years Start in Rhodes  
  Solstice on the Way Christmas Time Year-end Flashbacks Flashbacks to Spain
  No Day Come and Gone Mid November Mild Days
  Rhodes - Back to the Island Date Palms Sweet October Gates to the City

Period: Aug - Apr 2016
Slovakia Bratislava 2016 Bratislaving Along Last of Bratislava  
Italy Siena Old Siena    
  Orvieto Express Orvieto Duomo Firenze Kaleidoscope Lingering in Firenze
Czechia Prague - Sleeping Cheap Prague Post Facto    
Spain Valencia Valencia 2 Valencia 3 - Modernism Valencia Play Time Park & Beach

Period: Feb 2016 - Sep 2015
Rhodes, Greece Rhodes Post Facto      
  The Days Between Spirits of the Knight Giraffes and Pizzas Rain, Light, & Music
  Rhodes Again Late October Grateful Thanksgiving December Underway

Period: Aug - Apr 2015
Czech Republic Prague - Beautiful Capital      
Slovakia At the Zoo Signs, Foods & Laundromat Palace Gardens et al  
  Fast Forward to Slovakia By the Water's Side Summer in the City Trails of Two Cities
Greece Rhodes - End of April Rhodes Signs Rhodes - Dancing Waters  
  Rhodes - Spring Time for Hipster Easy Rhodes Non-Tropical Island Or What You Will

Period: Feb 2015
Spain Nerja, Back on the Road Nerja, Carneval on the Costa Nerja, Sol on the Eponymous Costa Spain Post-facto

Period: Jan 2015 - Apr 2014
From Calif Malaga - The Alcazaba Bohemian Silver Town    
  Sevilla, Spain Sevilla 2 Plauen, Saxony Malaga, Spain
Slovakia Finally, Bratislava That Time Already?!?    
Czech Republic Finding My Elbow Bohemian Breakaway    
France Paris Eastbound      
Nerja The Balcony of Europe Lingering Tooth & Sol  
Jerez Holy Week, Folks!      

Period: Feb 2014 - Sep 2013
Rhodes Rhodes Post Facto      
  Still Life at the Market Cat & Turkey Sign Language Countdown to Departure
  Christmas Eve on an Island The Days Between Meet the New Year Verbose Hints of Higher Math
  Europe's Mildest Decembers Vegetable Kingdom Windy Wednesday The Week Before Christmas
  No Day Edge of Winter Mandarin Wind Rain For Ever And Ever
  Fall Flora Rhapsody in Rhodes Being Here Ripple Light
  Front to Back to Rhodes Familiar Details First Rain Market, Moat & Battlements

Period: Aug - Feb 2013
The Road Home Signs On the Road Tripping Homeward Bratislava: Short Flashback Bratislava Wrapup
Bratislava Art et al      
  Signs Bridges & Bull Avoiding Kangaroos Outer Boroughs
  Establishing Shots Settling In Speechless Sculpture & Castle
Italy A Transit of Venice      
Split By the Waterside On the Beach    
Šibenik Dinner in Šibenik Sadie Hawkins Day    
Zadar Dalmatian Gem Standing on the Sun Sights & Signs Flashback
Novalja Fish Out Of Water A Week In Limbo    
Lovran On The Riviera Kvarner Kapers Short Time Ramblings  
Germany A Long Weekend      
Sevilla Sevilla 2013 Vanished Spanish Spanish Appendium  
Cordoba Cordoba & The Train In Spain Around Cordoba    
France Paris & the Door Into Spring More Paris    

Period: Feb 2013 - Sep 2012
Rhodes A Plethora of Impressionism Winding Up & Down    
  Back on the Rhodes Light & Water Mandraki Gestures Hypnotically On Dry Land
  Midnight Mood Light Luminous Brown Steep Waters For Whom The Phone Rings
  Second First Impressions Rockin' The Ripple The Real World Colds and Hots
  Daze of Christmas The Daze Between Past Vision Hail The New
  Cold & Clear On the Waterfront Before the End End of the Whirled
  End of November December Arrives, Winter Approaches Foibles & Reflections Traffic-free Rhodes
  Ado About Nothing Thanksgiving Day Rambling Rhodes Seen in Passing
  Visit from the Queen One Hundred and Counting Column Aid Cold Rain & Hot Soup
  Indian Summer Moin Onkle Happy Halloween A Mild Fall Day
  Shoes & Ships & Sealing Wax Faults of the Wowwers Mainstream Rhodes The Daily Stroll
  Familiar Rhodes Summer in the City Memory and Laundry Summertime's Come & Gone

Period: Aug - Apr 2012
Bratislava Bratislava: Eplogue      
  Light From The Shadows From Rad to Hrad Up The River Short Times in Slovakia
  Odds & Ends The Neighborhood A Vienna Landmark Prater Amusments
  Eslovaquia Settlin' In Flashback: Paris, Plauen, Ljubljana It's Coming Up
Flashbacks Cordoba, Spain Cordoba, still in Spain    
Italy Venezia Venice on the Half Shell    
Sibenik Sibenik More Šibenik Leaving Croatia  
Split Recent Imagery Short Timer in Split    
  Split Vivid Images Splittin' Around Football Afternoon
A few chaotic weeks Nürnberg Sign Language      
  Salzburg, Austria - Mozartland Nürnberg, Germany Heart of Nürnberg A Day at the Beach
Granada Granada Kaleidoscope Alhambra Palace Alhambra Gardens  
Ronda Andalusian Hill Town Images from Hill Ronda 'na Rond  
Sevilla More Alcazar      
  Sevilla: Welcome to Spain Linger in Sevilla The Sun In Spain The Alcazar
France Morning in the Neighborhood Wrapping Up Paris    

Period: Mar 2012 - Oct 2011
California Rhodes' Secret Garden Flotsam & Jetlag    
France Paris Interlude      
Rhodes Ensembles Apollo's Cool Gaze    
  January's End Cold Clear February A Big Blow Short Time Coming
  Answers Laconic Cats & Dogs Dark & Light
  Winter Light Cannon Portrait Mode Botany Break
  Gravity, History, Solstice Crows in Limbo Happy 2012 This Week's Crop
  Cool But Sunny Waxing Moon Flu Season Post-Fluvial Days
  Late October November November Continues Fourth of NoWonder
  Down & Up The High Wide Road Back on the Ground Shoulder Season
  First Re-Impressions Moat as Well Flora Afternoon Colors

Period: Aug - Apr 2011
Germany Düsseldorf      
Slovakia Bratislava - Final Handful      
  Brief Afternoon Last Light YA Afternoon Short Timer
  Bratislava July Shiny New Mall Vienna Day Trip Daily Life in Bratislava
Czech Republic Znojmo Hobbling      
  Kutna Hora, Bohemia Inside St. Barbara Znojmo - Moravian Rhapsody Moravian Borderlands
Germany High Times in Saxony Hamburg - nuff said. Hamburg Harbor Cruise. Around Hamburg.
France More Right Bank South o' the Seine South Side Story  
  Aquitaine Paris - The Marais Paris Cityscapes The Marais Again
Spain Huelva 3 Huelva 4    
  Day Trip: Sevilla Sevilla (cont) Huelva Huelva (cont)
Faro Faro Birdland Welcome to Faro    
Lisbon Lisbon More Lisbon Lisbon 3 Cascais

Period: Feb 2011 - Oct 2010
Spain Barcelona Afternoon at the Park Hairless Apes In The Mist Round & About Barcelona
Rhodes Harbor Light Cats Under The Day Star Catless In Rhodes Lost Rhodes
  Big Boat, Little Boat A Different Neighborhood Welcome To February Rhodes 46
  Moon Et Al The Usual Subjects Weather Or Not Ever On
  A Short Set Beyond The Walls Artsy Nature Ridge Walk
  Rhodes Less Travelled Ancient Acropolis Acropolis Hill Kid, Cats, Signs
  Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving 2 Merry Christmas 2010 Random Rhodes
  More Camera Adventures Test Flight Rhodes 25 Cats and a Moon
  Rhodes Again Halloween A Behemoth in the Bay Another Big 'Un

Period: Aug - Apr 2010
Various Countries
Through the Cracks Through More Cracks

Back in Budapest Final Afternoon
Košice East Slovakia Fountains Etc
Still Here
Final Handful
Poprad Up in the Valley Up on the Hill    
Trenčin First Impressions More Impressions Sun & Storm  
Bratislava Back to Bratislava We Leave The Castle Commuting to Vienna  
Czech Republic Olomouc 1 Olomouc Round & About Olomouc Astronomy Clock Flashback: Prague
Southwest Frome Two Gardens Old Stone Voices  
Bournnemouth First Impressions Alum Chine Town, Beach & Gardens  
Normandy Bayeux: Church et la Femme Bayeux: Random Sights

Rouen Rouen 2 Caen Day Trip to Bayeux
Paris Arrival With A Bang Wandering    
Czech Republic        
Marianske Lazne This Year At Marienbad Sow Weather Afternoon in the Park Sprung Springs
Czesky Krumlov Entry Level Gardens & S'graffito    
Slovenia Ptuj - Oldest City Ptuj - Town & Country Ptuj - Misty Ptuj - Flea Market
Croatia Zadar by the Sea Zadar Again Uglijan Island  

Period: Feb 2010 - Oct 2009
Rhodes Streets of Rhodes When I'm 64 Rocky Rhodes  
  Blue Eclipse et al New Year Stroll Contexts Flora & a Faunum
  New Vision Winter Solstice Knights Before Christmas Rhodes After Christmas
Crete Paleohora - Winter Arrives Paleohora - Storm's Eye Paleohora - Sun's Back  
  Hania More Hania Paleohora Paleohora - Autumn's End
  Iraklio Arrival Iraklio 2 Knossos 1 Knossos 2
  Sitía Sitía Fort Sitía Waterfront  
Rhodes To Rhodes via Athens Fender Rhodes Indian Summer  

Period: Aug - Mar 2009
Hungary Budapest 1 Budapest 2 Budapest 3 Budapest 4
Banska Bystrica Plains and Highlands Radegast et al Planes and Passages IV. Allegro con Brio
Bratislava A Capital Capital People of Steel Around Town  
Copenhagen Tivoli 1 Tivoli 2 Tivoli 3  
Netherlands Amsterdam      
Istanbul Aya Sophia 2 Crows & Hotels    
  Digs My Immediate Neighborhood Afternoon in the Park Aya Sophia Part 1
Ephesus 2      
  Storks & Stuff Town Walk Quick Distraction Ephesus 1
A Taste of Turkey      
Odds & Ends      
  Rhodes Town Rambling Rhodes 3 Medieval Moat
Santorini Oia 1 Oia 2 Oia Sunsets et al Oia Colors
Paros Sightseeing Telling Details Lay of The Town Hanging Out
Samos Vathí      
Mykonos Picturesque Images Wandering the Labyrinth Miscellaneous Documentation Interlude before Samos
Athens Hanging Out Part 2    

Period: Feb 2009 - Sep 2008
Santorini Perissa Fira
Budva NYE NewYear2009 Scenic Fun Pix
Kotor Intro Christmas    
Dubrovnik Walking_the_walls Symbology    
Split Day trip to Brač Sunday night in the palace All Saints' Day  
Islands Cres Korčula    
Lovran Intro By Day By Night Nature_Walk
Italy Rome 1 Rome 2 Rome 3 Agordo
Ireland Dublin      
Prelude Locarno 2001      

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